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503 Strap with 50mm Hook & Loop

50mm  (2")    Webbing Strap with 12"  of 50mm  Hook and Loop sewn on each end forming a Loop.  can be made to any length.



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These 50mm  (2") Polypropolene webbing Straps  can be made to any length and  the Hook & Loop on each end can also be made to any length.  Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

These 50mm Straps can be made in various lengths The hook and loop each end can also be made longer  From 4" to 12" . Please call us to  discuss your requirements. This strap when made makes a complete circle joined in the centre  by the hook and loop, a good strap for going round products giving a swift fasten and easy release to remove       i.e.  Fixing padding round posts.    Can be made in various colours but the hook and loop is black.